In-house solutions

Mailroom Assistant® helps the postal personnel by changing the memory based operations to computer assisted. This way amount of errors is minimized and all operations are registered during the process. With Mailroom Assistant® you can keep track of all the sent and received items. It also helps in various support operations related to postal process.


Typically a Mailroom Assistant® system consists of identification/registration stations, sorting stations, address database and easy-to-use web and mobile based tracking tools.


It is easy to modify Mailroom Assistant® for customer specific needs. It is integrated to existing address system organization has. Supportive address book for shipment handling can be formed if migrated to organization’s phone book and/or HR system.


Mailroom Assistant® is always tailored for customer needs and can be connected to existing infrastructure. System can be modified when volumes and ways of working change. Mailroom Assistant® is a safe investment. Basic functionalities like shipment registration and delivery acknowledgements do not require large hardware investments.